14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness – E. 4 –...

14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness – E. 4 – Log Cabin & Fly in Fishing


Arctic Grayling fishing starts off another day of wilderness travel in the Yukon. I share how to fish in rivers and continue running rapids. Epic mountains are all around as usual and I find a remote log cabin with a moss roof. It’s a beautiful day and I travel far with the swift current and through a long stretch of whitewater. Soon, I get bad weather and am stuck camping in a rainstorm. It’s a struggle setting up my tarp but I manage to light a fire and cook fish. Before turning in, a strong gust blows my tarp into the fire and burns a hole in it, it wasn’t the best evening, to say the least. It’s day four when I paddle up to a tributary with perfect, emerald-clear water. I drink the sweet water and do some fishing at the perfect spot and I’m surprised when I catch two beautiful Lake Trout! They fought hard, particularly because I had to reel them in against the strong current. Unfortunately, after a while, it’s time to push on and I’m a little nervous with the impending rapids in front of me.

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