14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness – E.5 – Cooking...

14 Days Solo Camping in the Yukon Wilderness – E.5 – Cooking Over the Fire & Wilderness Travel


The Yukon holds some of the World’s last large expanses of wilderness. It’s, brave wilderness – deep backcountry camping, remote wild camping in the full sense of the word as it’s well off-grid and far from the road system. This is Ep. 5 of my documentary series on my recent trip to the territory. Solo whitewater starts off this episode of wilderness travel and the rapids are exciting! Epic scenery is still consistent along the river and large, braided channels make it hard to keep track of where I am. Cooking over the fire at a beautiful campsite is on the agenda for the evening and I fry up the delicious Trout you see me catch in the previous episode. It’s about a 2lb Lake Trout! I also share some survival tips on getting a fire going and on how to get a huge fire going in a pinch quickly.

The following day saw me looking for good places to fish. Midway through the day, a Bald Eagle leads me to the mouth of a tributary which I thought would hold fish but after fishing in the heavy rain for some time, I came up empty-handed. I paddle on, heading through a long, and beautiful canyon and, after a few more unproductive casts, I decided to pack in fishing for the day and just get to camp. A few kilometres later, I make camp on an island above a rapid-filled canyon and I find a couple Bison sausages in my food barrel that a buddy of mine in Whitehorse had given me. I’d forgotten about them, and they’d been without refrigeration for several days. The weather had been hot much of the time to boot. I was about tho throw them in the river thinking they were rotten but I smelled them and they didn’t smell bad at all. They were frozen solid when I packed them. So, I cooked them up over the fire and they didn’t taste bad at all, nor did they smell bad when I cooked them. I ate both without consequence and I reflected on how, since refrigeration, much of our society has become very overly concerned about food going bad and people throw out perfectly good food all the time. I went to bed that night a little concerned with the rapid and canyon I’d have to deal with the following morning.

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