Across The Ungava Peninsula with Jim Baird

Across The Ungava Peninsula with Jim Baird


This video is a spot I produced for the Discovery Channel’s show Daily Planet.

In 2016 my dog Buck and I walked from Hudson Strait to Hudson Bay to cross the Ungava Peninsula passing Pingualuit Crater on the way.

The journey took us 36 days to complete. We experienced a lot of blizzards and temps as cold as -59 degrees Celsius.

To my knowledge, I’m the second person on record to cross the Ungava Peninsula on foot, (the first person being Robert Flaherty who did it in 1902). And the first on record for crossing the mountainous northern Ungava Peninsula between Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay.



Tuesday on Daily Planet

we're causing a disaster so we learned

how to make sure it never happens again

join us for that and a whole lot more


now most adrenaline rushes last for what

a couple seconds maybe a few minutes but

this next one just goes on and on and on

it is a month-long adrenaline fuelled

struggle for survival

I'm Jim Baird and right now is the

beginning of my month-long 370 kilometer

expedition to cross Nunavik on foot

Jim plants across the northern java


starting in kanga Kujawa navigating

rivers lakes of Crater and mountains all

the way to Hudson Bay others have done

the trek by canoe snowmobile and dogsled

but no one has ever walked it a lot of

dangers out there but the weather is

going to be my biggest concern of course

I got my dog buck who's going to be

helping me out along the way and he's

going to be my only companion because

this is a solo trip with over a hundred

and thirty six kilos of gear in tow the

two will face temperatures as low as

minus 60 and wind speeds up to 100

kilometers an hour but as challenge

increases as they head deeper into the

mountains especially for his dog fuck I

think it's just as snow and it looks

like it's snowing more so hard talked

anymore I took some way of its toboggan

it's not much ever here than it was


so I think maybe justos making it harder

for him making it harder for me to and I

haven't even gone 5k and it's already

late in the afternoon to reach Hudson

Bay Jim must maintain 15 kilometers a

day in order for a 30 day food supply to

last a difficult pace as he crosses

rugged terrain and 600 meter mountains

on route to Pingala crater it would

appear that I have a ridiculous other

Hill to go up here man but it's nothing

compared to what's on the horizon there

supposed to be a blizzard coming and

look like it's blowing in right now I

could push on but if it really starts

blowing I've worked up some sweat and

that's a good way to die in the end

mother nature makes the call

this crazy out here this is where your

skills that you from practicing feather

worker they don't build the wall against

the 100 kilometer an hour wind without

it you can't put up his tent without

shelter he will freeze to death the

great pink boat this double burner thing

throws off more heat it's going to heat

up my tent if I need to use it as a heat

source or to drive clothes look at this

this whole thing from here all the way

up to here is all a massive snowdrift

yeah gonna somehow have to dig myself

out of here digging is only half the

battle with relentless winds and very

low visibility Jim have to wait out the


it's a morning day 10 time to make some

breakfast and get the hell out of here

about 25 K to make it today so not

looking forward to it to be honest with

you but it'll be nice to see the crater

in Galilee crater is in a Quebec Park

and is at the one-third mark of Jim's


the Creator created by a massive meteor

1.5 million years ago and is about 400

meters feet

that's about the height of the CN Tower

day 16 I'm on the Pavan leeteuk River

yes sir it was nice and sunny and

concealed the hardpack drift and today

it's actually just dangerous I can't see

where I'm going with my sunglasses on or

off right now I'm walking in a total

whiteout it's very very hard to navigate

a catch you deprived and feeling kind of

a little scared that I'm really flat

it's getting cold so I'm a little

nervous as good as me takes longer than

I thought but hopefully I'm wrong about

that it took me 13 or 14 days to reach

Lac alamin from the time I got to the

Pavan natok River as I was getting

hammered by blizzard after blizzard so

I'm running really low on calories Bach

is running low on food

with little food left Jim decides to

chisel through seven feet of ice to fish

but the fish aren't biting I'm just

thinking what the hell do I do have to

expend a lot of calories to make the

hole a lot of time to make the hole and

then toxic fish I don't think I'm going

to be able to do 20k a day and finish

this trip in seven days I just didn't

bring enough food you I feel stupid very

few options Jim decides to ration the

remaining food for he and buck buck and

I split four pieces of bacon and that's

all we're going to eat

I have about 75 or 80 kilometers left

against the coat

hi 5k left to go and I have two huge

ridges to cross and it's dark in two

hours and I have to make it today snows

melting cos and just dragging over rocks

I don't know if I'm going to make it

before dark but I really got to try I

got to get it all I got here to avoid

traveling at night and in an effort to

save time Jim Gamble's with a shorter

but more dangerous route over boulders

and locks go much but the difficult

paths get buck stuck at the bottom of

the ridge pushing Jim to help in and do

the trek twice I just don't even care

anymore just the fastest way is best

unless he can get bucked quickly up the

ridge Jim now faces the reality of

travelling over a dangerous boulder

field in the dark with hunger lapping

his energy oh my god he did it come on

buck can't believe he made it up that

hill good good boy

and there it is folks Hudson Bay I did it

I feel like relieved and also it's

surreal wow what a trip here we are a

good dog you all see dressy and gathered

an insular give you how can you help but

root for buck through that whole

adventure in fact let's find more things

to root for now little

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Jim Baird is an Adventurer, videographer, writer, photographer, and talent. His previous rolls include extensive work with a map company as well as guiding and prospecting. Jim has shot video for Cineflix productions, BBC Worldwide, 13 Minds, and The Weather Network US. He's produced video series such as “The Kesagami River Solo” and “Lessons From The Trail with Jim Baird”. Jim’s content has also appeared in print for several publications that include Explore, Canoeroots, Real Fishing, Ontario Out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Canoe & Kayak, and Field & Stream magazines. Jim is an expert woodsman, white-water canoeist, survivalist, and a bold wilderness navigator. His expedition experience includes a solo trip down the canoe eating rapids of the Kesagami and then along the tempestuous James Bay coat, an 800-mile snowmobile expedition across the Northwest Passage, 300miles above the Arctic Circle. A month long descent of the Northwest Territories Kuujjua River in the Arctic Archipelago, followed by 120-kilometers of paddling on the Arctic Ocean. He's also completed a 33-day canoe expedition via four rivers including the Adlatok in northern Quebec and Labrador.