Bear Trouble – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 10

Bear Trouble – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 10


Tori and I make pancakes for breakfast at a nice site the morning after we finished the big carry. After leaving, I remembered I’d left my beautiful bone handled Bowie knife back at camp, just before it was too late to go back. What a relief. Soon, the strong current carried us through many large bends of an antecedent river as we looked up at the large mountain tops that surrounded us. The bends in the river show that this part of the East Natashquan is an ancient river and predates the surrounding mountains. Soon, the relaxing feeling we had in the strong current gave way to tough paddling into headwinds but we finally made it out of the East Natashquan and onto the main branch of the Natashquan. Later that evening, while camped on a sand bar, we heard what seemed like a bear in the bushes. Just after dark, a Black Bear burst out of the bush and onto our sand bar. Buck immediately charged barked it and scared the hell out of it. The bear 180ed and I fired a bear banger at it. Buck came back to the camp fire and I shouted to make more noise as I heard the bear leaving back through the woods. Tori didn’t sleep all that well that night. As we packed up camp the next morning we saw the bear walking along the opposite side of the river.



I almost forgot my knife just lying on the ground bar actually bro. Remember tears last second now. We're ready to get going for real

this forces of Natasha Ponte is

ancient and it actually predates these spectacular surrounding mountains called an antecedent River which is

Prairie River and a Mountain landscape

Usually mountain rivers they just go straight

They rip down in elevation along there corporal this one goes like this

From the last 3k of the Natashka on East Branch here

white cops coming up river

And here is the main Branch

We made it down the last stretch of the East Branch despite the headwinds and

Now we are on the main Branch and then the tosh quan

And there's somehow still a headwind

pulled over here on a gravel bar to just grab a bite to eat and relax for a couple minutes and

Then push on what's for lunch, Tori?

Summer sausage and pitas monster is that any different than everyday?

They're the crackling of this fire. I don't hear bear no

We did just see bear tracks on the beach fuck go scare the bear away


Buck heard a rustle in the bush, and he went over that way to check it out

and then a freaking bear crash through the bush and

Buck just charged the thing barking full speed like a bat out of hell

And I fired a bear banger over bucks head from behind buck

And I heard what you know must have been the bear crashing back in the bush. Hopefully it's scared

We're gonna keep my fingers crossed. I don't think that there's a problem bear here. They're not used to people at all in this country

and if it's the same one as the prints that I saw it's a small one, so

Taking on two fully grown people and a dog that looks like a polar bear slash wolf

probably wouldn't be the best bet

Really? Yeah, are you shaking?

Good boy, but this is a spring loaded I guess trigger mechanism

I pull this back and fire like that, so I'm just gonna put that into the side there

and I'm just gonna screw this in here and there we go, so

Now if I need to scare away a bear

Move that with my thumb to the side pull it back

release and

Shoots about 50 yards blows up makes a big boom

It's dumping rain, so we are not

Too peppy to jump up and get out there

I didn't get any sleep last night buck was panting in my face. There was a mosquito buzzing in my ear

Invited me, and it was a million degrees in here

And I was terrified that the Bear was Gonna come back

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