Canyon Run – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 6

Canyon Run – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 6


After spending the night in a not so great campsite. We pushed off to tackle 4-kilometers of consistent rapids that run through a deep canyon on the East Natashquan River. The rapids are a lot of fun! And Buck stands on the spray deck for the whole run. Once through the canyon, we enjoy kilometres upon kilometres of shallow swifts. It’s the longest stretch of swifts I’ve ever paddled, and it was an absolute dream. Then, Tori and I hear the rumble of an approaching rapid. We didn’t expect there to be any more whitewater that day. We run the rapid with Buck on the canoe (Usually he runs along shore for the bigger rapids). And we hit a big hole on river right. But luckily, due to our spray deck, we don’t swamp. We dodge a few more boulders until we get hung up in some shallows. It was a wild run! Not long later we find a beautiful campsite, and I start to clean a Pike and Brook Trout I’d caught that day. I share in the next video.



Getting ready for the four kilometer long Canyon run important thing obviously to bring on a canoe trip

Is it's hot ice drop it into my Eureka canoe pack and to grab handles are great

A23 gonna be interesting

You know where the boulders are

Well I'm too terrified

We've just made it down half of this four kilometer stretch of raging Rapids super pushy

Very hard to Eddie out bucks in the boat usually we let him run along the side

So it's a lot of fun beautiful Canyon, but to get your heart pounding. I'll tell you that right now

Great action on this little moose look wobbler throwing it into an eddy at the base of a rapid we just ran

Produce the great brook trout's a beautiful fish still running this four kilometer stretch in the canyons

Hey back sweet

Draw draw

Hey Mac, sweetheart real hard we're gonna bury, right?


I'm a drunk

Very technical one to Boulder

But overall just a total flop how do you feel feel alive?

After our horrible campsite and

Terrifying fort a canyon run real rewarded with endless endless

Swift and absolutely beautiful scenery


Through the swift we cruise and calm current at a relaxed pace

but then we hear the deep rumble of an approaching rapid we thought we are done with the white water for the day I

Consult my map to see no contour lines crossing the river and no mark rapid

But we approach with caution looks like we can run it on the right

Okay cross draw


Yeah, so there's a couple big boulders and that we can split

Back sweetheart hard

Okay cross draw

Okay draw draw throw up card okay pedal hard

Draw draw draw

Okay cross bro for it hard oh

Shit paddle hard

Nice she's your bitch alright watch out for these boulders now back paddle

After about a 30 kilometer paddle today lots of Rapids lots of Swift's

Seems like we found a beautiful site a little bit of beach here right in an old burn

gorgeous fire weed lots of good standing burnt trees and amazing amounts of firewood and

Just a beautiful day

Hopefully the black flies don't start getting us. I'm sure they will though. This is an over crop top stop


And let's find out how tough this stuff really is I'm gonna look at the bottom of it the one thing that makes me happy

Is that the big bashing of this canoe today has not left any major?

Divots in this thing like I was expecting there to be a gouge out of the bottom or something cuz we just came up like

This and went BAM right into a boulder

And then we hammered some huge standing waves and it looks like that has barely done anything

It's still super structurally sound so I'd say this boat is definitely expedition worthy


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