How To Clean Pike and Brook Trout – Côte Nord Adventure Ep....

How To Clean Pike and Brook Trout – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 7


After a long day of paddling whitewater on the East Natashquan River in Quebec’s Cote Nord region, we make camp and I clean some fish for dinner. In this video, I show you how to fillet Pike and cut out the Y bone to create boneless fillets. And, I also explain how to clean Brook Trout. My dog Buck helps put by eating some fish guts and meat.



East Branson and Natasha Juan River Day five got you a beautiful campsite here and an old burn

It's a beautiful campsite

However the bugs are pretty bad Jim and I are okay because we have of course our bug shirts on Fuck Culver's

Over there hiding trying to get away from the bugs. So we're gonna set up a thermos up you have the

Butane Cartridge

Pop it in the bottom screw it in put the Lid back on the butane

Take the old one out

Put the new one in turn it on

And hit start you can see in there then it's lighting these are vital

I'm just gonna clean up some fish with my silver stag knife

This is a great fillet knife handmade in the states. It's got an antler Handle I

Got a brook trout, and I got a pike

Decent eating size pike there's only two of us here. So we're gonna have more than enough food. I ripped some

Some reeds up because I'm cleaning these on the sand Beach

I'm using a paddle and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut out the y bones so weight a clean pike

To minimize the amount of bones we need that thermos Ellen here

Just following the spine

Right through the rib cage, right?

to the top

We have our one piece

Now we take the rib cage out. Which is right along here

Now we're gonna. Take the y bone out see it right in here

It can be kind of hard to get the skin off, but there's a bit of a trick to it

So I'm gonna cut down into the meat and start following the skin

But I'm gonna hold this side up

And continue almost cutting downwards like that

There we go

Skinless Boneless pike fillets two of them just gonna rinse that off right now, and you want that back

What they call it you cut the head down then the head comes out with everything

If you have a husky dog you might even want to eat the eggs?


you doesn't like

See this blood line here right along the bottom you want to just scrape that out. It's like that

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