Delaying the Inevitable – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 8

Delaying the Inevitable – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 8


A long and likely horrific portage gets closer with every stroke, and it becomes obvious that we are delaying the inevitable. We’re not rushing to start the portage, and why would we on such a nice day? Before leaving camp I cover some good duct tape hacks, and later in the video, I discuss reading the land to be aware of approaching hazards in the river. Once the portage is underway (we can’t find the beginning of the trail), I share how it’s a good idea to mark a way point for where you left your gear so that you don’t waste time searching when you come back for your next trip. Finally, we start the portage, and it’s a total shit show right off the bat. This video leads into a video on this portage specifically, it turns out to be an 18-hour carry! Stay tuned.



Packing up here getting ready to go

Beautiful day we have about 11 k to go and then a six

Kilometer stretch of raging rapids where the river drops about ten meters each kilometer for sure

We're gonna be poor talking the last trip report. We found was what?

1999 so hopefully it's still there, but it's an ancient port australe beautiful day, but seriously hard work ahead of us

Bring these tackle boxes with us, but how do you strap this down? I make a really strong

Duct-tape handle now I can just clip that down to something there you go

the top Handle broke off here

I can just make another handle that I can then clip a beaner onto or tie it down to something or else

This is very precarious and difficult to carry

There you go duct tape to the rescue one of the things we're using to capture all the stuff

We're doing out here on this trip is this Garmin Virb camera?

It's a waterproof camera it attaches to our dog's harness. That's also made by Garmin you see things from his perspective

You know we're kinda lily dippin. We're pumping water

I'm taking pictures

And I'm thinking maybe we're procrastinating because maybe we don't want to portage endlessly through the black fly

Infested bush on. What is likely very little bit of a trail

And I can see here that there's nothing. There's a mountain here. There's mountains here and then right there

I can only see the the tops of the trees which are about 50 meters away from me

so I mean that's a good sign to show you that there's a

substantial drop in elevation and on a river that means waterfalls and rapids and hazards

We're at the Brink of the raging waterfall and six kilometers of Raging Whitewater

risking running this canyon again

Especially being one-vote like over a hundred miles from a road is just probably not a smart idea

The only problem is it's a five kilometer portage. No one's walked on it since

1999 it's almost impossible to find where it is because this area's been burnt over

It's gonna be hot it's gonna be buggy the trail is Gonna be overthrown

And there's probably gonna be a lot of dead trees, then we're gonna step over maybe cut it under and it's five kilometers

even if the Trail was grooved and

Perfect. It's five kilometers, so it's not Gonna be fun

It looks like we're gonna be doing this portage over the course of a part of two days

Camping out some terrific spot along the trail side it just makes the adventure all the more fun

That's what I'm telling myself anyways

A Good thing to bring is a garmin GPS to go to Mark a waypoint

Where the portage starts going to be leapfrogging on this portage trail because it's so long when we leave our stuff there

I'm going to mark a waypoint in the GPS. Let's get going


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