Expedition Fishing Tackle – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 13

Expedition Fishing Tackle – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 13


In this episode, I cover the ideal rods reels and tackle to bring along on a multi-day wilderness canoe trip. You’ll also see Tori, Buck and I run a couple of rapids and pass some of the beautiful scenery the Natashquan River has to offer.



82 km/h but if the current keeps up that

shouldn't be a big deal I'm just going

to shoot text with the satellite texting

device over to my brother and he's just

going to send me back tide chart

information the mouth of this river it's

very wide and very shallow with small

braids to make it through so if you

don't hit it at high tide or when the

tides coming in we might have to jump

out of our boat every five minutes and


we got the disputable waterfall and

we're ahead of time to inside make camp

a little early and do a little bit of

fishing when it comes to wilderness

trips like this

my motto is grow the metal on a map

spinners are great for any species I

like to bring William food Williams

Warbler William whitefish Williams

Nipigon and I've been having some good

results with the moves look wobble or

two on top and on I like to bring some

jig head and the soft base just like a

little mr. twitch or rub you can throw

on their good lures for multiple species

telescopic rod get a bad rap for some

reason I don't understand why I wasn't a

15-pound salmon on a telescopic rod

before we catch way more fish because

the things so accessible I bring an

extra real iran's will break we've lost

a rod and reel broken another broad

already on this trip every trip it

seemed to happen so bring at least two

talents off across and at least one

backup real you're going to bring it to

be bring something super strong this is

an ugly stick it's fiberglass clay not

of the tiny little sensations that the

graphite one does but let me tell you're

graphite Rose uses snap oh dear before

you can say Jack Robinson and I have a

Cabela's fly rod and reel Cabela's line

and also a good array of different signs

of life I'm obviously here to tell you

how to fly fish but the key with River

fishing don't just go catch in the

middle of a rapid or cast in the middle

of a

we shall look for a deep pool the play

for the water Eddie back up river the

base of falls are always great place to

fish you and Eddie the de beisbol oh my

goodness oh and I'm going to be using a

ball dry fly it's a little bit late for

the Atlantic salmon fishing this year

around here but you know what you never

know until you try so I get a wet a line

in search of some land examine tonight


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