Getting There – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 1

Getting There – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 1


The drive along the north coast of the St. Lawrence River and Gulf is one of the most picturesque in Canada. Tori and I enjoyed every minute of it as we pushed our vehicle eastward to Natashquan which is almost at the end of the road. Communities further to the East rely on a ferry to link them to the road system. Natashquan Village is a beautifully quaint place with a unique Quebec maritime culture. From here, we’d charter a float plane to fly us into the wilderness and deposit us 118 miles from the nearest road for canoe trip down the East Natashquan River. No one has paddled the branch since canoeing legend Herb Pohl in 1999, and before that, there’s been no record of travel since the indigenous Innu stopped traveling it in the 40s. Over the next two weeks we’d face a lot of unknowns and even capture the first video footage of a 150′ waterfall as we paddled and portaged our way back to the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.



in early august my girlfriend tory and I along with our sled dog buck left Southern Ontario for a

20-Hour Road Trip - Natasha Juan Village Quebec

Crossing the St.. Lawrence River here near Montreal

the level ways to go

we traveled along Highway 138 through quebec spectacular coat Nord region

We enjoyed the oceanic views while passing whale watching tours and waterfalls as we pushed our vehicle through the Mountain scenery

We are on the ferry above to cross the sog in a river about 2:00 in the morning

We're pushing on here into the night getting closer tonight at Aswan every minute

But we're gonna have to call it quits because I'm getting tired a lot of driving for one day

From our jumping-off point in the village we plan to take a float plane into the east Natashka wan River

To our knowledge no one has travelled the branch since 1999 and before that who knows

We've driven for 15 hours straight 340 in the morning, and we just are finding a place to

Pull off at the side of the highway on some little dirt road and crash for the night

inside this truck

Now the reason we can do that is because of this vehicle

We have it's a Mitsubishi Delica and one of the amazing things about it

Is that all the seats in the back pulled down and make a perfect two-person bed?

It's diesel no problem driving for 14 hours yesterday straight to the mountain. It's got tons of room

It's like a truck. It's got four-wheel drive. It's about 4 wheel lock it can get you through some serious stuff

It's a serious offroading vehicle, but it's also a van. It's like it's the perfect thing

So there you have a lot of room there for your best, buddy

You're getting tough people sitting sideways you can have people sitting face to face in the back


I'm just going to load up our gear hit the roll still about nine hours to go - now - gone

Just cross the 50th parallel

pasta to cork cartier almost until

Now - one is getting closer by the moment

There it is tory


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