Interview and Outtakes With Ted & Jim Baird – Alone Season 4...

Interview and Outtakes With Ted & Jim Baird – Alone Season 4 Winners


In this interview, my Fiancee Tori interviews Ted and I about our experience on Alone. Ted and I won season 4 of the series after spending 75 days surviving on Vancouver Island through the fall and winter. Apparently the two of us doing a concise interview together without becoming annoyed and squabbling is next to impossible, so I had to include some “out-takes” and disagreements.  We did this interview right before the last episode aired and our win was official. Questions Tori asks are: What was the first thing you ate when you got out? What are the latest adventures you’ve done? What are you going to do with the money you won? Would you do it again? and, What would you do differently if you were to do it again?



okay are you guys are gonna introduce

yourselves hi We’re jim and ted baird

team baird from season four of alone

hey I’m Ted Baird and this is my brother

Jim that’s terrible I’m Ted Baird and

this is sloppy pants McGillicuddy aka

dumbass idiot face okay just just start

a new on Tory okay you’re on okay so we

are Jim and Ted Baird and as you

probably know we are the winners of

season four of a loan on history Ettore

what’s the first question what new

adventures have you embarked on since

winning the show well we have done some

pretty fun adventures after we got back

it took quite some time to get in full

swing I mean I lost 20% of my body

weight I came in at 198 I left at 148 I

believe so it it you know it took some

up recouping and but after that we

slowly got back and everything started

doing some what was that the question it

was just what adventures have you done

not like what’s your life story yeah Ted

look so certainly good face or what’s

your face get mom I can’t remember

breath could just melt steel what new

d upon since

winning the show after some recuperation

I did a hundred and 60 kilometer which

is I don’t know maybe about a hundred

mile backpacking trek through northern

Jasper National Park and wilmore

wilderness in northern Alberta and that

took me eight days we did 20 kilometers

a day which kind of puts it into

perspective how tough the hike was on

the show alone with just eating what I

could forge on the way because that was

15 kilometers or 16 kilometers and that

took me eight days and then

yeah about 10 miles which took me eight

days so that just goes to show how tough

the train is there on Vancouver Island

and then my fiance and i Tory did that

and then we can’t prevent North up to

Yellowknife and we met up with Ted and

yeah it was awesome so we’ve we flew me

and Heather my fiancee now flew up to

Yellowknife we met up with Jim and Tori

they had all their deer from there

Jasper trip and we caught another plane

and flew out to Norman Wells and and NWT

Northwest Territories in Canada and we

flew out on a bush plane all four of us

up to a river called the mountain river

it’s 24 hours of Sun and we just paddled

this wild freakin whitewater river what

was your first meal and you returned to

your so starving out there I can’t just

roll back and slam down a cheeseburger

your body’s not used to it and you’ll

barf you wish you could it’s part of the

torture and so you you think that aw I’m

gonna eat all this stuff but you just

can’t it’s actually really dangerous you

know and so you can’t just eat it and

even if you do you’ll just suffer so if

the suffering continues so but once I

started feeling a little better I was

craving the cinnamon buns so I just got

two boxes of cinnamon buns and and I ate

them you know as fast as I could but it

still took me a few days to every animal

so technically I think my first meal was

a piece of toast and a handful of grapes

we got a little anticlimactic but now

yeah that’s really all I could handle

them all it was safe for me to eat yeah

and I think as far as the actual first

meal after extraction I think it was a

piece of toast and some vegetable soup

what is the first thing you plan to do

with the money get a good exchange rate

change it over to Canadian dollars and

it’s gonna go a little bit further

hopefully it’s around 300,000 Canadian

flooring okay I’m and I’m going to look

for a house to buy there you go

what about Costa Rica oh and I might go

to Costa Rica as well sighing oh and I’m

gonna go to Costa Rica Tori’s wonderful

fiance order our honeymoon and then

we’re gonna buy a house he’s going to

Costa Rica with Tori the gold digger

yeah because I’m gonna do something to

keep her busy I’m gonna do some

traveling we got a wedding to plan that

kind of stuff I don’t have everything

hammered out yet Oh Ted also has voices

interest in buying a cigarette boat with

a cheeseburger dispenser yeah that’s

actually what I’m gonna do you just ruin

the surprise

next caustically dude this is terrible

man like what are you doing make this is

unusable you can’t be like x question

and answer the questions all broken up

would you take part in this opportunity


Ted answer the question it’s just gonna

be weird when she’s like would you take

part in this opportunity again yes I

think so

I thought if you would ask me like you

know a month after we came out if that

wouldn’t be it no L know but now I bring

out yourself I think I could do better

this time I think so you had the

opportunity to do it again would you do

anything differently I would have caught

Jim’s legs off and eaten them we could

add a leg each we just smoked it yeah

I’m gonna just brought some chloroform

knock Ted out from day one and it would

have been a lot better but there’s a few

things that I wish that we tried out

there that we’re close to it when you’re

so close to putting this over the

threshold of you know just barely

sustaining to actually thriving and so

that’s something I’d love to be able we

got a bunch of holes poked in the bottom

our vote from the barnacles if we’ve

made like

a external floor for a boat we probably

could have used it more a crowd trap I

think if we you know hindsight is 2020

but I would have used something else for

a float so a few things like that that

we could have done differently next time

yeah there was a one thing that it one

of the main things you know I’m really

pissed about the crab trap it was just

such a bad decision you know we could

have just put another float on it an

additional Auto Show yeah but we you

know we rushed that last little thing we

made a mistake and you know that could

have provided us with an incredible

amount of food and the other thing that

I wish we did was instead of using the

boat to travel around we didn’t really

realize how exhausted we were gonna be

and how much just being in the boat just

paddling a little bit and staying in one

spot even with your energy on you there

was one spot I wish we talked about just

paddling to that deeper that I wish we

just paddled there got out and fell

would have been a good idea that might

have especially earlier on when that was

the fish were biting for everyone else I

think that might have done is really

well in the beginning and we ate stuff

that would make people puke to look at

on an industrial level yes

we’re convinced keep up with you know

the show is over yo just on Facebook of

Ted bear you can find me on instagram at

Ted dot Baird and I’ll be you know

partnering with Jim and a lot of web

series we’re going to earth West

territories adventure it’s gonna run on

my You Tube channel

Jim Baird the adventurer you can also

check out Jim bear – adventure on

Facebook at JB adventure on Twitter so

we got a lot of stuff out there and it’s

only gonna be getting better but right

now we’re gonna go watch the last

episode of alone you forgot to say the

adventurer dot CA of course the

adventure dot C a me and Ted both post a

lot of stuff on that that’s a website so

check that out too but we’re gonna go

watch alone now because the watch is

hard to get whoa look at the time


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Jim Baird is an Adventurer, videographer, writer, photographer, and talent. His previous rolls include extensive work with a map company as well as guiding and prospecting. Jim has shot video for Cineflix productions, BBC Worldwide, 13 Minds, and The Weather Network US. He's produced video series such as “The Kesagami River Solo” and “Lessons From The Trail with Jim Baird”. Jim’s content has also appeared in print for several publications that include Explore, Canoeroots, Real Fishing, Ontario Out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Canoe & Kayak, and Field & Stream magazines. Jim is an expert woodsman, white-water canoeist, survivalist, and a bold wilderness navigator. His expedition experience includes a solo trip down the canoe eating rapids of the Kesagami and then along the tempestuous James Bay coat, an 800-mile snowmobile expedition across the Northwest Passage, 300miles above the Arctic Circle. A month long descent of the Northwest Territories Kuujjua River in the Arctic Archipelago, followed by 120-kilometers of paddling on the Arctic Ocean. He's also completed a 33-day canoe expedition via four rivers including the Adlatok in northern Quebec and Labrador.