Lac Fonteneau – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 3

Lac Fonteneau – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 3


The trip is under way, and we’re paddling the length of the long and remote Lac Fonteneau, the headwater of the East Natashquan River. In this video, I go over ways to stay out of big waves, and the dangers of paddling in whitecaps. Tori and I also catch some nice Pike and I show you the three-way-swivel rig I use to catch them. Before crossing the Labrador border, we see a moose and then make camp at the end of the lake. The bugs are bad in camp, and I share some tips for dealing with them as I clean fish and cook dinner.



breakfast Morning day to lock Fonteno freaking beautiful lake

Winds have picked up significantly. We have about 22 K two paddles the [outlet] of the natash quan

We should be able to stay over the big waves because of the shape of the leg, but I lake this big and get sketchy

Hey look managed to find a little spot out of the room here. Yeah

What did you say about the camera [ok]?

[ok] so [tori] didn't want to play ball this morning. So I'm doing the interview [Couture]

You can paddle up there there seems to be calm water behind the points

That are out of the wind and also the lake seems to naturally curve in right Direction

So hopefully when we're around this big bend up here. We will be out of the way

I'm down a bit

Don't think we do not

Okay, so [whitecaps] should you find yourself?

In the middle of a breaking wave what happens is that just like in a fool and rap at that aerated water

That's bubbling on the top [of] the breaking white hat just can't float your boat

So you your boat just kind of sinks in it, but yet?

There's still enough water in the air bubbles to just completely fill your boat up, but it looks like luckily

We are out of those big waves for now anyways, and we still have a small tailwind

And I'm just loving this lake surrounded by mountains

Natural beaches moose prints on every Beach we have a team won yet

But we will soon just a real masterpiece of Northern quebec

Shit this time of year the larger pike retreat to deeper waters if you [wanted] [to] hook into a leviathan you got to go deeper

There's a lesson for you. Don't have your freaking neck jammed under a bunch of stuff

nothing huge but

Using a smaller size spoon here because it goes deeper with my triple swivel rake great little lure there. That's a Williams [Ridgeback]


What the hell [are] you doing see the rule is you're not allowed to look in the bag

So you look at this no looking eyes right on the count

Mmm. See that's a good handful

Was a huge nono you take the left the cashews in the MM

And the gummy parts of you like I heard the tandem canoeing was the burial ground

for relationship

Battle 22 K 2 day crossed into labrador caught a bunch of pike

so huge bull moose got a great look at it saw a bald eagle and

We're about to make camp at a river mouth here and head into the river the natash pond is scratched tomorrow

Just got to camp tory got the tent set up buck

And I went and chop some firewood

but before that we put our bug shirts on we got our bug spray going could use a little more of that and

We got our thermacell rip in full speed

we are in labrador and labrador's known for black flies, but tory was walking by and notice that buck found a

Interesting place to lie and that place is directly beside our thermacell mosquito repellent he has no idea

What a thermacell is he just knows that the black flies aren't bad around here

Dead branches at the bottom of trees like this. They are nice and dry

I'll take a plane

I'm using this bone handled silver stag amazing fillet knife to clean up to fish with


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