Late Fall Wall Tent Adventure

Late Fall Wall Tent Adventure


A wall tent adventure with a portable wood stove is a great way to go on a backcountry camping trip , particularly during hunting season in the late fall. We got a significant outfit into a relatively remote trail by using ATVs, trailering canoes in as far as we could get them before our trailer could not get any further so we left it in the bush and took a few trips with the quads to bushwhack everything in.

We put the canoes by the river and camped at a nice spot beside a rushing creek and small waterfall. Our plan was to hunt the other side of the river using climbing stands. We’d get in before first light and hunt all morning, paddle back for food and then head back across the river again for the evening hunt.

Getting in late on our first night, we didn’t set up the tent until it was dark and it immediately was heated by our wood stove. There is enough room in the 13×15 tent for four of us to sit in camping chairs around the fire and to sleep with ample space.

We experienced almost constant rain and wet snow, as well as cold temps that went down as low as -15 at night. Sitting in the stand getting wet and cold for hours on end made for some pretty chilly and miserable hunts. If it wasn’t for the canvas tent and wood stove, it would have been very challenging to dry everything out and get warm. The tent also kept us dry despite the consistent rain.

Crossing the river in the pitch darkness every morning, and then walking about 300 meters to where we left our climbing stands had its challenges. We were glad we used reflective markers to mark the way. After three days of hunting, though we saw some sign – none of us saw deer. We didn’t see nearly as much sign as when we’d scouted the area the year before. It was a little disappointing because it was a promising spot, but that’s hunting for you.

After three days, it was time to switch it up and we’d planned to meet up with our buddy at his backwoods camp near Kearney, Ontario. So, we packed it in and headed out.

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