Northern Michigan Wall Tent Camping with Bushradical and Girl in the Woods...

Northern Michigan Wall Tent Camping with Bushradical and Girl in the Woods – Campfire Cooking


My brother Ted and I met Brooke and Dave Whipple through the Alone show on History Channel. They competed on season 4 as one of seven groups surviving on Vancouver Island. Most of the contestants on the show make fast friends because they’re all so like-minded. It was no exception with me Ted, Brooke and Dave. We’d stayed in touch with them and watched Brooke in season 5 of Alone which was in Mongolia. She did back to back seasons!

Last week we finally got together with them for the first time since 2017 after Brooke bought a remote property in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Ted and I brought our wives Tori and Heather who were excited to meet Brook and Dave. The dogs came along too.

The four of us drove in one vehicle for about 6 hours to the UP for the meetup and checked out the property and surrounding area. We talked about our experiences on the show and listened to Brooke and Dave’s awesome plans for their new property. They had a great walled tent set up and we set up our canvas tent and wood stove beside it.

We then had a celebratory beverage and cooked over the fire on their hanging tripod grill. We also hiked a ways into a beautiful backcountry lake and picked Wintergreen Berries and also found Winter Chanterelles on the property.

Dave, Ted and I had a great talk where we went over a lot of our own feelings and understanding of survival through our experiences on Alone and through our unique wilderness experiences. You can see that full discussion on Dave’s channel Bushradical. You can also find Brook’s video on our meet up at her channel Girl in The Woods. I’ll link both channels below. I highly recommend subscribing to them. They are very inspiring people to say the least.

The finally of our stint in the UP was wrapped up with a trip to a gorgeous, high volume waterfall that was a very impressive site to see. We’re looking forward to the next time we get to meet up with them and to seeing what interesting things they do with their new property.

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