One Man Stacks Firewood to Heat Rural Home with Woodstove (No Talking)

One Man Stacks Firewood to Heat Rural Home with Woodstove (No Talking)


No talking asmr video of one man stacking wood to heat a rural home. Firewood storage in rural homes and cabins is important when you heat with a wood burning stove. I light a fire in our Pacific Energy Classic wood stove after the wood is stacked. I like the self-sufficiency involved with wood heat. It comes with a sense of self-reliance because I don’t have to rely on the propane or oil truck to keep me warm. I can just go cut firewood on my property if I need to.

Rather than cutting from the forest around us, however, most of the wood we burn comes in whole hardwood logs that we buy and have delivered to us. After letting them season, we then cut, hand split and stack all the wood ourselves. It costs us $1,100 (Canadian) to buy the logs. In comparison to buying the wood already split, we calculated a savings of roughly $900. That’s not a ton considering all the time we put into it, but it’s still $900. And, it’s good exercise as well as a very practical hobby at the end of the day.

When the $1,200 delivery of logs we buy are all bucked up and split, we wind up with 20 face cords. That’s enough to heat our 1,200 square foot house (double that size if you count our walkout “basement”) for two years. So, not counting chainsaw gas and chains, we’re heating our house for $550 a year! That’s good considering winters are longer at our latitude.

We shot this video just after Christmas 2019, it was a late winter and there is a ton more snow on the ground here now. This video is different than most of my stuff because it’s the first I’ve ever posted with no talking in it. I often share a lot in my videos so, it was hard to not at least include a little VO. In the end, what we have is a more meditative video that offers a different type of storytelling that what I usually do. In addition to my big trip videos, I like to share some of the behind the scenes-type stuff I get up to with my family at our rural home. I have a few more videos up that involve managing, processing and storing firewood in “Rural Lifestyle” playlist linked below. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video.

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