Ouimit Canyon Provincial Park

Ouimit Canyon Provincial Park


On our way to northern Saskatchewan for a canoe trip. Tori, Buck and I stopped at Ouimit Canyon in the Thunder Bay district of Northwestern Ontario. The canyon is an impressive piece of the Lake Superior north shore masterpiece. It truly is an incredible part of Canada. Ouimit canyon, can be accessed via a short side jaunt off the Trans Canada Highway, and it’s well signed. When you get to the parking area, an easy 800meter round trip with bring you over  a foot bridge, and past two spectacular look out sport on the canyon’s ridge. The canyon was formed by the incredible power of glacial activity over millennia.



right now we’re on our way to northern

Saskatchewan we’ve made a little pit

stop at the limit Canyon just before we

get to Thunder Bay they’re just about a

10k jaunt off the trans-canada highway

and it was short little walk out here to

the absolutely beautiful view Oh Emmet

Canyon is a large Gorge in northwestern

Ontario Canada the gorge is a hundred

metres deep a hundred and fifty meters

wide and 2,000 meters long it’s

protected as part of a women canyon

Provincial Park the canyon is believed

to have been formed when a diabase sill

dating from a billion years earlier was

split open either by the weight of

avalanche in glaciers or the large

volumes of water released during their

retreat erosion by wind and rain

continued the formation the canyon it

really is a sight to behold


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