Our New Honda 30 Horse Temagami Lake Trout Fishing Camp Poutine Recipe...

Our New Honda 30 Horse Temagami Lake Trout Fishing Camp Poutine Recipe & Lake Trout Catch and Cook


Lake Temagami lake trout action camping with our new Honda 30 horse and Legend boat. Here, I show you two ways to clean and cook Trout, and we make a delicious lunch of poutine at camp. Our baby Wesley was along for the trip too and our dog Buck too. After a long drive on the lake, we found my cousin Brad and his wife Mary (she took the thumbnail pic) and Brad and I headed out in the new boat to catch some lakers. We used a Navionics app, a digital depth chart / GPS that works without cell reception to find the right depth. We were fishing 60′ deep water most of the time and Brad lost two and boated one decent laker on our first night out.

The next day saw us take a long boat ride and then hike into Diamond Lake where none of us had been before. There wasn’t a good place to hang out when we got there but the boat ride and a short walk in were nice. We returned to camp and Tori lead the charge with making lunch, Poutine! We cut up some potatoes and deep-fried them, adding cheese, salt, and hot gravy and mixing it all together into a cheesy,  salty deliciousness.

Come evening, Brad and I went out for Lakers again. Brad was using lead core line and I was using a downrigger. A downrigger is basically a spool of wire with a cannonball on the end. attached to the cannonball is a clamp that your fishing line wedges into. The cannonball then hauls your fishing lone down with it and the downrigger will tell you how many feet of cable it lets out so you have an excellent gauge on how deep you are. When a fish bites, your line pulls out of the camp and you reel the fish in. On the second day, it was my turn to catch the fish and I brought in two small ones, likely about a pound or two each. They were excellent eating.

I share a great method to gut them that I call the Double Mouth Method. You basically make a slit on the bottom of the mouth after slitting the fish’s gullet, and then you pull down to remove the gills, front fins and all the guts in one pull. You then scrape the bloodline off of the bottom of the spine and the fish is ready for the pan.

It was an awesome campsite that Brad and Mary had found and we enjoyed another great bonfire before turning in. The next afternoon, Tori and I packed up pushed off for the long boat ride back to where we parked our vehicle. It was a very successful trip in our new boat.

I was a little nervous as anyone might be with my family on a big lake in a used boat that I’d never driven before but the motor ran very well. I haven’t done a ton of Lake Trout Fishing but I really enjoy it and I’m looking forward to doing more!

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