Saskatchewan Safari Ep. 3 – Dead Man’s River

Saskatchewan Safari Ep. 3 – Dead Man’s River


Tori, Buck and I pass the Porcupine River’s amazing “Eye Cave”, and take some time to check it out. I then line a heavy rapid, and go over some key pointers to keep in mind while lining a canoe. I also rig up a smoking teepee, and smoke a Pike in camp before heading into the Porcupine’s formidable lower canyon. We proceed with caution and the canyon was dubbed “Dead Man’s River” by Dene natives paddlers in days of yore. Nearing the confluence of the Fon Du Lac River, I then solo a boulder-ridden class 3 + in an attempt to redeem myself from my previous dumping. Do I make it down with the open side up?




convince Carlos today you

Well handling past these massless cliffs along the shores of Porcupine River and we came across this cave

I believe it’s called the I cave because when you paddle in and you look straight up

there’s a perfect hole you can see the sky through it who knows what the

fascinating story of what created this

plates and erosion and ice ages and all kinds of interesting Geology

Here we are on one of very few poor Taj’s on this porcupine river trip

I think we have four altogether none of the portage’s are very flat

But they’re just really rugged so you want to be careful

There’s some slippery rocks and a lot of it just goes over bald rock, too

So you want to make sure that you can follow this trail and that you don’t slip we’re just going to bang off this portage

and grab a bite to eat tory found a nice place to eat lunch right beside the falls, so

Excited because I’m getting hungry when you get hungry. You know we kind of start arguing a little bit more

Sometimes you don’t have to portage the rapid, but you can’t run it. So what do you do you line?

It now the best way to line a boat when you’re lining with one person is from a single

Rope from the Stern and that’s what I’m going to do right now

I’m basically just going to guide the canoe down the river using rope as I run along Shore lining can be pretty dangerous

I mean you’ve got to be careful. There’s still potential to lose your boat your boat washed downriver with your entire outfit

there’s potential that you crash into a rock that you pin that you wrap your boat and

potential that you yourself fall in slip into the water while you’re doing it, so

Always like to wear a good life jacket while I’m lining as well. How is that we support our?

big time

We’re just really enjoying the stretch of river. It’s just all of a sudden gotten a lot more rugged and mountainous

big cliffs everywhere K’s waterfalls

Really really cool scenery, and it seems like there’s a bald eagle around every corner

So we pulled over here on the porcupine river at the end of day 9 and we’re almost at the confluence with the fond du

Lac and I caught more fish and I can eat today, so instead of wasting the meat

I’m going to smoke one of the pike that I caught so I’m going to show you how that stuff

Before we put it over the fire to start smoking. We’re just going to evening

Rock that up. So the next step is we’re going to wrap up our around the pool break to just hold the smoke in there

There is our slow coast

Okay, so the next morning and we’ve got our fish smoking in here some delicious smoked fish

at lunch prepared

now it’s time to pack up and

We’re headed into the lower canyon on the porcupine

This part of the river is known as dead man’s river

Before dog trails are treacherous to himself

toughest part of the trip coming up

And there’s the falls that we’re foraging around

straight up no

This is the wrong trail. We blew it

before dogs around here knew we should scout it at

Makes a lot more sense with this when we started it looked like a perfect trail

I’m thinking oh geez you know why was the trail start so far from the falls, but you look here

It’s a perfect trail and a little heady you must just be an animal trail until we get everything ready

I make it 10 set boom nothing

So I guess the scouting the $4 trail out is a good idea

lessons Lesson Learned

Now we’re just how positively whipping the rest of the stuff back in the boat

So I can line the boat up to where the actual portage trail is

Let’s go get Er. Done

They further left don’t go that way come up towards me

Come up Toward me

You’re Gonna fall

Nice relatively short for Taj pretty treacherous


Premix the getting needed in the past days that used to hobble this river they called this lower canyon

Deadman’s River A

Little bit of a tricky situation here so yeah, we’re going to have to go to that

Eddy and then front ferry over that current and then lying down the little chute to left it out wrong

It doesn’t look like much

But there’s a lot of churning current and a hole there and down river is a lot of white water

And it’s really hard for me to scope. I’m nervous

So is any of it. We’re going to have to perform this very with buck on the boat – it’s kind of sketchy

We’re going to have to go for it you

She’s Gonna Paddle across the river to an a/d over there

So it’s not a long tour Taj, but dr.. Beginning is literally right up a slippery Rock cliff. Oh


Did it we made it past?

Another port ours around a class 4 & 5 loaded the boat up all goes well

We’ll make it to the confluence and we will have completed the porcupine river today however. You can still got to be careful

so we’re coming up to the last major rapid on the porcupine a class 3 plus and

I’m going to try to solo it a lot of irregular ways

But I really gave it a good scout and I think we’ll be okay, so let’s see what happens

We did it

Alright, well that one pretty well, it looks terrifying before you get it in your ending pulse again so much control that I feel like

You’re going to be totally fine. We’re going to be done the porcupine river today, but this lower canyon here has just been absolutely

Freakin beautiful and actually the last three or four days have just been spectacular, so it’s been awesome despite

The not-So-Great weather that we’ve been having us for sure

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