Whitewater Paddles – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 14

Whitewater Paddles – Côte Nord Adventure Ep. 14


In the lower stretches of the Natashquan River there are some high volume rapids. They can all be portaged with relative ease however, but Tori and I decide to run a couple nice drops. Before committing to the first run of the day, I go over some specs on the paddle I use for wilderness whitewater trips. Watch how our dog Buck runs along the side of the rapids to meet us us at the end. You’ll get to see things from the his perspective too because we’ve outfitted him with a camera!



8:13 in their second last day of a lot of hall to go around on a short for dodging and a bunch of rapids

One thing I want to talk about is paddle in my mind the best

Title you can have for a wilderness whitewater trip is this right here. This is a gray al hammerhead. They're heavy-duty

They're rugged. It's got a g grip on the top

It's got an oval-shaped handle which means you get a really good grip

I've city big hands and that makes a big difference for me. This is what we use for our flat water

sections of our trip now

They're a little bit smaller

see my whitewater caudal is a good bit taller when you're paddling and the Crippin canoe was a very heavy load like we have a

Longer Paddle is going to give you More leverage

And enable you to make the turns that you need to make a little bit easier

We're short cottle although it gives you good forward momentum

Just really isn't going to be able to do the trick when you're trying to paddle a heavy to do like this now

We got a gnarly

Class-three rapids we're going to have to run this one without buck in the boat fuck knows the way

We show them the way when we scout and he just follows us along shore and watches us

And it's usually waiting for us at the end before we even get there

Why are you feeling nervous there are a lot of families and their pupils?

And we're pretty far right from the right door and we have to get where you are left in order to hit the right tonto


Come on - firing box

Not you're far downriver. We reach another impressive rapid after taking a few cats with the fly

Rod we scout decide to go for it

Or settle for part. Oh, wow oh

for charge for cock

That was huge

So we pushed on into the evening for Taj around to

Spectacular falls got some more fly casting in and then when it was almost dark we found this amazing

Campsite amazing view of the falls and then we had

awesome Northern light show just dancing and streaking across the sky so

Incredible campsite Incredible Northern lights show for our last night here on the river


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